Hire packers and movers Adajan, Surat – Singhania packers and movers.

Moving is never too difficult when moving with Singhania packers and movers Adajan. Hiring us has never been difficult just call on 09824302113 & you are all done. We will first see your goods (survey which is free of all charges). We give you estimates & once we have your confirmation we work in the following steps:

  • We start with packing.
  • Once all goods are packed we label all your goods & prepare a packing list.
  • The next step after the list is prepared is to load your goods inside the moving vehicle.
  • After successful loading, we receive the payment & also provide customers with all the necessary bills & documents.
  • Unpacking and setting up bedding: We not just unload but we also unpack & help you set up all your furniture according to your taste.
Singhania packers & movers

Save your self from scammers – Hire the Best

Today in 2019, there are many scammers or fake packers and movers in Adajan, Surat. Who can take your consignment at a comparatively very low price but can damage your goods because of not using proper materials. Even in some cases in 2018 some fake packers & movers took goods and never delivered them. Don’t be one of them choose the right packers and movers.

Book your move today at the best possible rates all over India. Call 09824302113 book packers and movers from Adajan, Surat who can deliver goods all over India. Moving from Adajan can be done in two possible ways which are:

  • Moving in Sharing Vehicle: This move type is much affordable when the quantity of material is low. When moving over long-distance this move type can always save big money as when moving over long-distance the most expensive part of the move is transportation.
  • Moving in Separate Vehicle:Looking for speed delivery? Direct delivery? Well, then this move type is for you. Booking a separate vehicle is always a little more expensive than sharing vehicle but with speed delivery & more safety, this is worth it. If your quantity of goods is high then definitely you should go with this mover type.

F.A.Q – Packers & Movers Adajan

Well, talking about delivery time for moving inside the same states Gujarat namely it takes roughly 24 hours to deliver goods from Adajan, Surat to anywhere in Gujarat.
Yes, all over India delivery is possible with Singhania packers and movers. We not only deliver but we also unload & unpack goods all over India.
It is advised to inform Singhania movers and packers one week before. But it can work if one informs 2 days before.
It takes 3-4 hours for packing and loading of 1bhk. 4-5 hours for packing & loading of 2bhk home and 5-6 hours for packing & loading of 3bhk home.