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    Mr. Narendra, wants to shifted his home from Goa to Hyderabad with us. He was located at 8th floor in Goa & wanted to move his complete household including Fridge, Washing machine, Double beds, Almirahs, Sofa sets & Dining table along with all small accessories to 5th floor in Hyderabad. Along with all that he was planning to move his bike & Car. He was looking for packers and movers Goa to handle his complete moving from packing, loading, moving, unloading to unpacking. He contacted Singhania packers and movers Goa for his moving needs. After a day team member for Singhania Movers Group Goa took a Visit.

    Singhania packers & movers

    After a complete survey, member of Singhania movers shared the following knowledge to Mr. Narendra:

    • Goods will be moved in a Separate Vehicle of minimum 14ft of storage size or even in sharing basis in a vehicle of 22ft of storage size.
    • In sharing the cost of transportation is reduced with an increase in the number of days at delivery.
    • If the lift is not allowed at any destination 1000/- will be charged extra as the number of workers will be increased to speed up work.

    Mr. Narendra asked for two quotations for both special & sharing movings. Narendra finalized to moving his goods in the separate vehicle. He booked his move by online payment of 500/- & he also received a money receipt for the same.
    He was planning to shift on Saturday so that he can get his goods delivered by Sunday. On Saturday team members of Singhania packers and movers Goa arrived with complete tools to uninstall all electrical item such as fan, LEDs, R.o, water heater, tv & furniture such as double beds.

    Out the five team members of our relocation experts:

    • One started with packing kitchen items by rolling utensils(of glass) in bubble sheets & packing them in corrugated boxes.
    • One started with packing miscellaneous items from the hall
    • Other two started with uninstalling beds & electrical items.
    • The last one was labeling & preparing a packing list.

    It took almost four and a half hours to pack everything. Once all goods were marked & written in the packing list. Workers started loading goods from 8th floor & placed them inside the truck. After successful loading bills were provided by Singhania packers and movers Goa. Mr. Narendra again decided to transfer money online which is always possible. The truck arrived Hyderabad the next day which was Sunday. Members of Singhania packers and movers Hyderabad also arrived with the truck at unloading locations. In almost 2 hours unloading & unpacking was done. Team member of Singhania packers not only unpack but they also assembled Mr. Narendra’s beds & place every furniture where he wanted. After the unloading, he paid the remaining amount which was around 15% to the team members of Singhania packers and movers.